Club Night Nominations


Nominations for Club Nights are to be emailed to our Race SecretaryKelly at by Tuesday evening preceding the Club Night.

Nominations should include the event number, stroke, and distance.

For example event 3,  200m Breaststroke.

This list of events can be found below.

Swimmers can nominate for one of the 200m stroke of choice events (events 1 to 5), one of the distances (25m/50m/100m) in each of the strokes and one of the 400m stroke of choice events.

Swimmers are encouraged to discuss with their respective coaches the most appropriate events to enter.

A Club Night program will be emailed to all nominated swimmers on club nights, and all results are loeaded LIVE into MEET MOBILE (available through Iphone and Andriod).


Club Night Events are as below:

1. 200 Butterfly

2. 200 Backstroke

3. 200 Breastroke

4. 200 Freestyle

5. 200 IM

6. 25m Butterfly

7. 50m Butterfly

8. 100m Butterfly

9. 25m Backstroke

10. 50m Backstroke

11. 100m Backstroke

12. 25m Breastroke

13. 50m Breastroke

14. 100m Breastroke

15. 25m Freestyle

16. 50m Freestyle

17.  100m Freestyle

18. 400m Freestyle

19. 400m IM

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